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Octopus Coin Specs


Coin name: Octopus Coin
Coin abbreviation: OCTPS
Coin type: POS with POW used for pre-mine
Hashing algorithm: NeoScrypt
Difficult retargetting: Every 1 Block
Maximum block size: 3MB
Minimum stake age: 24 Hours
Maximum stake age: Unlimited
TX maturity: Mined 46 Confirmations
TX maturity: Sent/Received 10 Confirmations
Max supply: 200,000,000 OCTPS
Premined coins: 2% = 4,000,000 OCTPS
Block time: 90 seconds

Octopus Coin Features

Instant transactions

Blockchain technology

Proof of Stake

Anonymous TX

Low fee

Wallet Download



Q4 - 2018

Blockchain development

Website launch

Swap 20:1 KCTIERS -> OCTPS

MacOS wallet development

Airdrop campains

Bitcoin Talk Announcement

Request first exchange listing

Marketing campains

Q1 - 2019

Request more exchange listing

Paper wallet development

New logo design

Q2 - 2019

Web wallet development

Partnership strategies

Masternode sale

MN 15.000

BTC 0.0375

  • 15 OCTPS rewards per block

  • High ROI

MN 50.000

BTC 0.125

  • 60 OCTPS rewards per block

  • High ROI

MN 120.000

BTC 0.30

  • 180 OCTPS rewards per block

  • High ROI

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